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Alternative Treatment For Stress

Stress is the way you react when you are in a situation that physically or emotionally threatens you. Your defense mechanism automatically goes into the fight-or-flight response and your stress level is activated.

This makes stress a weapon against all kinds of foreign bodies. But if stress levels increase to the point where they start hindering daily life, then it can become really dangerous for the health of both mind and body. Chronic stress can lead to many problems like heart disease, depression, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, sleep difficulties, skin conditions, obesity etc.

Symptoms of Stress

Some of the common symptoms of persistent stress include:

DiarrheaConstipationRapid heartbeat and chest painsHeadaches or migrainesAches and pains in various body partsNot being able to concentrateMemory problemsNegativityMoodiness and irritabilitySense of loneliness and isolationLoss of appetiteIncreased use of alcohol, cigarettes or developing drug dependencyInsomnia or hypersomnia.

If some or all of these symptoms persist for more than a few days then it means you have chronic stress issues. If not treated in time, stress could cause a lot of damage to the patient.

Treatment Options for Stress

There are both medicinal and alternative treatment options for stress. The reason why more and more people are turning towards alternative methods is because they don’t have side effects and have lasting effects. Research shows that when people start managing their stress through medication, they develop dependency and end up abusing the drugs they were prescribed. This is not possible with treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic which do not prescribe any medicine.

Another complaint is that medicinal drugs only work so long as they are taken regularly. Once their intake is stopped, there are great chances of stress issues recurring. So how do acupuncture and chiropractic work for stress?

Acupuncturist Care for Stress

Studies show that acupuncturist care has been beneficial for many people who have had chronic stress problems. When you consult an acupuncturist for chronic stress, they would make a thorough inspection and determine the best acu-points. Thin needles will be inserted in those points and either warmed or charged electrically. This way the patient would relax and after several treatments, depending on the severity of stress level, the patient would be able to see significant reduction in his/her stress.

Chiropractor Care for Stress

Chiropractor care works the same way. There are little to no medications involved. Chiropractors work by spinal adjustments, a process where massages are given and changes made in the spinal cord of the patient. Pressure is applied to the back so that its position can be corrected. The body then begins to heal and stress levels reduce visibly.

A chiropractor recommends changes in lifestyles as they too help in maintaining a regular stress level which is essential for a healthy physical and emotional life. Some diet changes are also made. Massage therapies are also introduced to relax both mind and body.

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