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Allergy Relief/N.A.E.T

The prevalence of allergies in today’s society seems to be staggering. From infants to the elderly, allergies to both food and environmental triggers are growing at a disproportionate rate. While conventional treatments can help provide some temporary relief, NAET offers a holistic and extremely effective form of allergy relief by way of desensitizing the body to whatever allergens are triggering it to react.

Muscle testing is used to measure each patient’s individual reaction to a known trigger. The patient is then asked to hold a vial which contains a form of the substance that is affecting them while having the nerves along their spine stimulated. After this, acupressure points are massaged or treated via acupuncture in order to set the treatment. The patient is then asked to avoid the allergen for 25 hours after which point they can be re-tested to see how the body reacts to the trigger. Depending on the severity of the allergy or reaction, one or more treatments may be necessary.


Allergy Relief And NAET Lotus Wellness Center

NAET has been proven to be highly effective in treating a plethora of allergic reactions and sensitivities to the point of allowing patients to no longer need allergy shots or the use of antihistamines. It has also been proven effective in the treatment of emotional and nervous system imbalances. NAET is a non-invasive, drug-free way of providing allergy relief and increasing the quality of life of patients who otherwise have felt hopeless in the battle against allergens.

Like all holistic medical treatments, each patient’s health and family history is taken into account in detail in order to make sure that they receive exactly what their body needs in the most effective and personal manner.


Acupuncture Care for Spring Allergies

Recent research shows that people who were treated with a combination of antihistamines and acupuncture had far more improvement than the ones who only had antihistamines. They also had to use the drugs less often and their condition did not deteriorate. This effect was seen after 12 sessions of acupuncture. Many more studies support this research, which see a lessening of allergy conditions with particular acupuncture sessions.

When you seek an acupuncturist, they would evaluate the severity of your allergy condition and then determine a treatment plan for you. The number and duration of sessions would depend on how bad your allergies are and how much action is required. After the assessment, the acupuncturist would insert very thin needles in different parts of your body. There is no pain of insertion but some patients do feel uncomfortable for a while as the body tries to clear the meridian. Some even manage to fall asleep during the procedure. Acupuncture affects the immune system helping it become stronger.


Chiropractic Care for Spring Allergies

Like acupuncture, chiropractic also works by improving the overall health and the strength of the immune system. Unlike traditional medicinal treatments, the goal of a chiropractic is to help improve the functioning of your immune system and fight off the allergies completely. The body adapts itself to the allergens in the environment and causes reductions in your nervous system. All the stress that is laid on the body due to allergic conditions is alleviated with the help of chiropractic care and the patient starts feeling better.

Another thing that a chiropractor does is restore the balance of the body. This way the nerve interference is also alleviated.

Due to the side effects and drug dependency created by medicinal treatments, patients prefer going to chiropractors and acupuncturists. There are no side effects and the overall health of the body is improved. Hence if you have springtime allergies, you could try seeking one of these alternative treatments and see the difference they bring in your conditions.

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